Refereed journal articles [ISI Impact Factor 2013]


Zajitschek, F., Zajitschek, S., Canton, C., Georgolopoulos, G., Friberg, U., Maklakov, A. (2016). Evolution under dietary restriction increases male reproductive performance without survival cost. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 283(1825).       [5.292]


Kotrschal, A, Corral Lopez, A., Zajitschek, S., Immler, S. Maklakov, A.A., Kolm, N. (2015). Positive genetic association between brain size and sexual traits in male guppies artificially selected for brain size. In press, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28(4):841-50.   [3.483]


Zajitschek, S., Cosima Hotzy, C., Zajitschek, F., Immler S. (2014).  Short-term variation in sperm competition causes sperm-mediated epigenetic effects on early offspring performance in the zebrafish. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 281(1785):20140422.   [5.292]

Lindholm, A.K., Head, M.L., Brooks, R., Rollins, L.A., Ingleby, F., Zajitschek, S.R.K. (2014). Multivariate genetic constraints and natural selection restrict the response of male sexual traits to sexual selection in a replicated invasion of guppies. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27(2):437-448. [3.483]


Kotrschal, A., B. Rogell, A. Bundsen, B. Svensson, Zajitschek, I. Brännström, S. Immler, A. A. Maklakov and N. Kolm (2013). The benefit of evolving a larger brain: big-brained guppies perform better in a cognitive task. Animal Behaviour 86(4):e4-e6. [3.068]

Kotrschal, A., Rogell, B., Bundsen, A., Svensson, B., Zajitschek, S., Brännström, I., Immler, S., Maklakov, AA. & Kolm, N. (2013). Artificial selection on relative brain size in the guppy reveals costs and benefits of evolving a larger brain. Current Biology 23(2):168-171. [9.916]


Zajitschek, S.R.K., Zajitschek, F., Miles, D., Clobert, J. (2012). The effect of coloration and temperature on sprint performance in male and female wall lizards. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107(3): 573-582. [2.532]

Zajitschek, S.R.K., Zajitschek, F., Clobert, J. (2012). The importance of habitat resistance for movement decisions in the common lizard, Lacerta vivipara. BMC Ecology 12:13. [tracked]

Legrand, D., Guillaume, O., Baguette, M., Cote, J., Trochet, A., Calvez, O., Zajitschek, S.R.K, Zajitschek, F., Lecomte, J., Benard, Q., Le Galliard, J.-F., Clobert, J. (2012). The Metatron: an experimental system to study dispersal and metaecosystem dynamics for terrestrial organisms. Nature Methods, 9(8): 828-833. [25.953]

Zajitschek, F., Zajitschek, S.R.K., Friberg, U., Maklakov, A. (2012). Interactive effects of sex, social environment, dietary restriction and methionine on survival and reproduction in fruit flies. AGE, 35(4): 1193-1204 [3.445]


Zajitschek, S.R.K., Brooks, R. (2010). Inbreeding depression in male traits and preference for outbred males in Poecilia reticulata. Behavioral Ecology, 21 (4): 884-891. [3.157]


Mariette, M., Zajitschek, S.R.K., MaciasGarcia, C., Brooks, R. (2010). The effects of familiarity and group size on mating preferences in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23(8), 1772-1782.      [3.483]

Zajitschek, S.R.K., Lindholm, A., Evans, J.P., Brooks, R. (2009). Experimental evidence that high levels of inbreeding depress sperm competitiveness, but not ornamental traits. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22(6): 1338-1345.   [3.483]

Zajitschek, S.R.K., Zajitschek, F., Brooks, R. (2009). Demographic costs of inbreeding revealed by sex-specific genetic rescue effects. BMC Evolutionary Biology 9(1): 289. [3.407]

Zajitschek, F., Bonduriansky, R., Zajitschek, S.R.K., Brooks, R. (2009). Age-dependent patterns of reproduction and mortality of male and female Black Field crickets, Teleogryllus commodus, in the field. American Naturalist 173(6): 792-802. [4.454]


Zajitschek, S.R.K., Brooks, R. (2008). Distinguishing the effects of familiarity, relatedness and color pattern rarity on attractiveness and measuring their effects on sexual selection in guppies (Poecilia reticulata). American Naturalist 172(6): 843-854. [4.454]

Evans, J.P., Brooks, R., Zajitschek, S.R.K., Griffith, S.C. (2008). Does genetic relatedness of mates influence competitive fertilization success in guppies? Evolution 62(11): 2929-2935.   [4.659]


Zajitschek, F., Hunt, J., Zajitschek, S.R.K., Jennions, M.D., Brooks, R. (2007). No intra-locus sexual conflict over reproductive fitness or ageing in field crickets. PloS ONE 2(1), e155. [3.534]

Zajitschek, S.R.K., Evans, J.P., Brooks, R. (2006). Independent effects of familiarity and mating preferences for ornamental traits on mating decisions in guppies. Behavioral Ecology 17(6): 911-916. [3.157]

 Submitted & in preparation

Felix Zajitschek, Susanne R.K. Zajitschek, Cindy Canton, Grigorios Georgolopoulos, Urban Friberg, Alexei A.Maklakov. Evolution under dietary restriction increases fitness without survival cost. In revision, AGEING CELL.

Cosima Hotzy, Ghazal Alavioon, Sandra Rudolf, Susanne Zajitschek, Simone Immler. Within-ejaculate sperm competition reduces offspring viability and reproductive performance in zebrafish. In preparation.

Susanne Zajitschek, James Herbert-Read, Nasir Abbasi, Felix Zajitschek, Simone Immler. The influences of paternal dominance and behaviour on offspring activity patterns. In preparation.

Felix Zajitschek, Susanne R.K. Zajitschek, Marie Vaugoyeau & Jean Clobert. Sex differences in bite force in different colour morphs in the wall lizard, Podarcis muralis. In preparation.

Susanne R.K. Zajitschek, Felix Zajitschek, Antoine Juigner, Marie Vaugoyeau & Jean Clobert. Sexual behaviour and morph specific differences in male and female mating preferences in Podarcis muralis. In preparation.

Felix Zajitschek, Susanne R.K. Zajitschek, Manuel Massot & Jean Clobert. Siblings like to disperse together: brotherly and sisterly love in the common lizard, Lacerta vivipara.  In preparation.

Felix Zajitschek, Susanne R.K. Zajitschek, Aurélie Coulon & Jean Clobert. Personality traits and their heritability in a lacertid lizard species. In preparation.

Susanne RK Zajitschek, Björn Rogell, Felix Zajitschek & Robert Brooks. Heritablility of sexual preferences, mating behaviour and ornamental traits under context-dependent conditions in Poecilia reticulata.

Beate Nürnberger, Felix Zajitschek, Susanne R.K. Zajitschek, Gyóngyver Mara. Differential temperature adaptation in tadpoles of the hybridising toads Bombina bombina and B. variegata.


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